This new-construction neighborhood has so much investment potential, but you’ll need to act fast if you want to take advantage of it. 

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Today I’m at the site of a partially completed model home in a brand-new neighborhood located on the north side of Leander called Wildleaf.

I’m bringing this to your attention because we have a handful of investors keen on purchasing property here, but this particular neighborhood is limiting the number of investors allowed to do so. So far, none of the homes in Wildleaf are occupied yet, and from the looks of it, this is an investment opportunity worth considering. At 1,800 square feet, these 4-bedroom, single-story homes will make for great rental properties.

Starting at 1:04 in the video, join me for a quick walk-through of this not-yet-finished model property to see the floor plan for yourself.

At 1,800 square feet, these 4-bedroom, single-story homes will make for great rental properties.  

After careful review of the neighborhood itself, the floor plans, expected pricing, and potential rent amounts compared to other nearby neighborhoods, for my money, Wildleaf looks like a promising investment prospect.

Granted, when you buy new construction, you can expect to spend more than you would for a resale home. At the same time, because it’s a newly established neighborhood, home prices will be lower compared to where they’ll be in the future. That will make you the early bird in this situation! Once builders notice a growing interest, you’ll start to see prices gradually go up.

All in all, this opportunity will only be available to a few investors, so I wouldn’t sit on it. And if you decide you don’t like the property, you can always sell it off to another investor.

If you have any questions or you’re interested in purchasing new construction for investment purposes, please reach out to me. I’d be happy to hear from you!